Consumer Products


Consumer Products

A highly diversified sector and an important part of the chemicals industry.

Early In vitro screening for genotoxicity

  • Saves money and improves productivity
  • Enables chemists to modify compounds to reduce genotoxicity without losing desirable properties
  • Scalable for high throughput testing of large collections of compounds
  • GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC offer access to GADD45a up-regulation information

Further assays to understand the causes of positive results

  • Follow up assays available
  • Additional information to supplement early testing approach

Consumer Product testing

The consumer products industry is a highly diverse area of the chemicals industry, of which personal care and cosmetics are a part.

Extending beyond these sectors, Consumer products covers such areas as household products and a wide range of other goods in everyday use.

Ensuring product safety is a continual priority for the industry and as part of this programme of safety assessment it is a requirement to test components of finished products for genotoxicity (the potential of a chemical or substance to damage or interfere with DNA).

Such testing becomes more expensive the later it occurs in the process of developing a new product candidate and so early detection of toxic liability is important.

You should also see the sector section on Flavours Fragrances and Taste Enhancers as it pertains to fragrance materials, which are important components of many consumer products.

When to Screen

Early liability detection helps greatly and ensures product discovery budget is directed towards compounds that are safe. Finding out late in the product development process that you have a genotoxicity problem delays product delivery and can cost more due to the necessity for additional expensive testing.

The very high levels of both sensitivity and specificity achieved with GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC, provides a valuable insight into genotoxicity liability; often at a very early screening stage in compound development.  This represents a direct and very important benefit when considering the essential requirement to provide laboratory and manufacturing staff personal protection in terms of Health and Safety.