Chemical Industry


Chemical Industry

In vitro screening for genotoxicity:

  • Saves money and improves productivity
  • Enables rapid genotoxicity hazard assessment.
  • Decision software giving clear indicators or hazard
  • Allows early prioritisation of follow up testing requirements

Why screen early?

Overall the chemical industry is conservatively worth in excess of $1.5 Trillion annually and provides raw materials and high value speciality intermediates and products to a wide range of (some might say all) sectors. Many of these chemicals are end products themselves whilst others feed the production of other products or are feedstock for new product generation. Irrespective of the ultimate use of chemicals there is a need to understand the hazards associated with their use, exposure and environmental impact.

One such hazard is genotoxicity (chemicals that damage or interfere with DNA) and there are guidelines, directives and legislation that govern what information needs to be generated for all chemicals.

The very high levels of both sensitivity and specificity achieved with GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC, provides a valuable insight into genotoxicity liability; often at a very early screening stage in compound development. This represents a direct and very important benefit when considering the essential requirement to provide laboratory and manufacturing staff personal protection in terms of Health and Safety.