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Gentronix is passionate about innovation and service. We have developed world leading technology GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC to help you identify genotoxic hazard quickly and accurately whilst ensuring your safe compounds are not incorrectly labelled as toxic. We also provide a range of complementary assays and technology expertise that gives you comprehensive access to the information you need to be able to progress your compounds and projects quickly and cost effectively.

GreenScreen HC | BlueScreen HC | Ames MPF | OECD 471 Ames Bacterial Reversal Mutation test (Non-GLP) | GLP Ames |   Microflow® Micronucleus Test in vivo Micronucleus Test | OECD 487 in vitro Micronucleus test using Primary Human Lymphocytes (Non GLP) GLP MNT | Apoptosis Suite | H2AX by flow cytometry | Flow cytometry Services | Comet assay | Predictive Toxicology

GreenScreen Cells

GreenScreen HC

GreenScreen® HC is an accurate and fast in vitro human cell-based GFP assay for early genetic toxicology testing.

BlueScreen Cells

BlueScreen™ HC

BlueScreen™HC is an accurate and fast in vitro human cell-based genotoxicity assay.

Ames featured

Ames MPF

An Ames bacterial reverse mutation test is a core component of safety assessment testing batteries.


Ames bacterial reverse mutation assay (OECD 471 )

Fully compliant with OECD Guideline 471 Available as both a GLP or screening assay…

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In Vitro Mammalian Cell Micronucleus Test (OECD 487)

The In Vitro Micronucleus Test (MNT) is used to detect chemicals which induce the…

MNT Featured

MicroFlow® Micronucleus Test

The in vitro micronucleus test (FC-MNT) detects structural or numerical changes to chromosomes in cells.

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Micronucleus Test – in vivo

Gentronix now offers the micronucleus testing of rodent blood samples using flow cytometry The…

Comet Featured

Comet Assay

The in vitro alkaline comet assay (or single cell gel electrophoresis) can be used to detect DNA damage.

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H2AX by Flow Cytometry

Following the induction of DNA double-stranded breaks (caused by genotoxins, UV or ionizing radiation…

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Apoptosis Suite

Assessment of Annexin-V binding, caspase 3/7 activity and cytotoxicity endpoints

FC Feature

Flow Cytometry Services

Gentronix has a wealth of knowledge in flow cytometry for assay development and research challenges.


Predictive Toxicology Services

Gentronix has a network of service providers for the whole range of Predictive Tox and ADME requirements.