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GreenScreen HC

GreenScreen® HC is an accurate and fast in vitro human cell-based assay for the assessment of genotoxicity and cytotoxicity of compounds and mixtures.

Notice: Gentronix Limited wishes to make readers of its website aware of the following information:
 The not for profit organization Clean Production Action ( based in the United States provides a hazard assessment and decision support method for the evaluation of chemicals (GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals). This method should not be confused with GreenScreen® HC from Gentronix which is a human cell based reporter assay for the determination of genotoxic hazard.
 Both Gentronix and Clean Production Action acknowledge the use by the other of the GreenScreen trademark in their respective fields.

GreenScreen LogoThe assay detects substances that are capable of causing damage to genetic material (DNA) within a cell. GreenScreen HC uses the human-derived, p53 competent, TK6 cell line to host a patented green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter  system which exploits the proper regulation of the GADD45a gene.

Exposure to a genotoxic compound increases the expression of GADD45a and hence the induction of GFP production in the test strain. Simultaneous quantification of relative cell density or cell viability allows assessment of cytotoxicity.

  • Unique combination of high specificity and high sensitivity for genotoxicity
  • Detects all mechanistic classes of genotoxin (mutagens, aneugens and clastogens)
  • Most accurate genotoxicity screening test available
  • Simple, robust and fast protocol
  • Low sample requirement

The 96-well microplate format takes about 20 minutes to prepare and delivers results after a 48 hour incubation. A single microplate is used for the simultaneous testing of 4 compounds over 9 serial dilutions. The protocol is readily automated using standard laboratory equipment.