Flow Cytometry Services

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Custom Flow Services

Our knowledge and expertise in flow cytometry goes beyond the offering of standard assays.

Our scientists are highly experienced in working directly with clients to fulfil their flow cytometry needs. We are pleased to be able to offer a more forward-thinking service, where our flow cytometry team can meet with your scientists to facilitate a high level technical collaboration. This enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your specific requirements and our subsequent deliverables. Working closely with the client, we can:

  • Design and develop specific methodologies, including custom assay provision.
  • Provide validation data for client approval.
  • Deliver specific operating protocols for performing the assay.

As you would expect with Gentronix, we include rigorous quality control as standard. Our quality controls include:

  • The use of same lot-number reagents to maintain the consistency of fluorescent signals.
  • The daily use of tracking and calibration beads to ensure optimal instrument performance.
  • Complete training of all laboratory personnel undertaking the assay to confirm compliance with the protocol.
  • Stringent data review and confirmation prior to report release.

We are proud to operate a highly flexible yet efficient service, which maximises the data provided over the shortest timeframe possible. Previous projects have encompassed a wide range of industry sectors; from providing flow cytometry solutions to solve assay interference issues, through to multi-colour rare-event analysis.

Recent examples have involved sample purity analysis of blood fractions, going from initial assay design and development, through to handling 100’s of samples and successful project completion, all within 6 months.