Flow Cytometry Services

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Flow Cytometry Services

Gentronix Ltd scientists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in using flow cytometry to tackle important assay development and research challenges in both genetic toxicology and high-throughput screening.

With a combined experience of over 20 years in assay development, our scientists understand the importance of high-quality assay design.

We operate a consultation service, to generate bespoke applications from method design through to validation and beyond. In addition, we can offer the more classical applications of flow cytometry such as immunophenotyping, cell cycle analyses and intracellular pathway monitoring.

Our laboratories house BD FACS CantoTM ll and BD FACSCaliburTM flow cytometers equipped with high-throughput sampler platforms, capable of multi-colour analysis up to a 384-well high-throughput format. We are passionate about engaging with industry sectors to fulfil specific flow cytometry requirements and have a successful track record of delivering custom-made applications alongside our core flow cytometry offerings.

Our current offerings are applicable to wide range of industry sectors: