BlueScreen™ HC

BlueScreen Cells


BlueScreen HC (-S9)

An example of the results output using the BlueScreen assay is shown below.

Raw luminescence and fluorescence data taken from the microplate reader are automatically processed by the proprietary BlueScreen software. An example of the results output for a single microplate run using the BlueScreen assay is shown below. Four test compounds can be run in each 96 -well microplate together with appropriate genotoxic/cytotoxic standard compounds and untreated controls. Each test chemical is typically run over eight two-fold serial dilutions and the genotoxicity and cytotoxicity results are processed, interpreted and displayed. The multi-layer output provides:

  1. A single page summary of the genotoxicity and cytotoxicity results for all 4 compounds, plus the standard compound results for intra-plate quality control
  2. Detailed graphical results (dose responses) for each compound for user inspection
  3. Raw and processed numerical data for added transparency of the results.

BlueScreen HC (+S9 )

The assay data analysis template produces an output which is very similar to BlueScreen HC (-S9), presenting both qualitative and quantitative (dose response) data. The template processes the raw numerical data (luminescence and cell fluorescence) exported from a plate reader.