BlueScreen™ HC

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BlueScreen™ HC

BlueScreen™ HC is an accurate and fast in vitro human cell-based assay for the assessment of genotoxicity and cytotoxicity of compounds and mixtures.

BlueScreen LogoThe assay detects substances that are capable of causing damage to genetic material (DNA) within a cell. BlueScreen HC uses the human-derived, p53 competent, TK6 cell line to host a patented Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) reporter system which exploits the proper regulation of the GADD45a gene.

Exposure to a genotoxic compound increases the expression of GADD45a and hence the induction of Gaussia luciferase production in the test strain. Simultaneous quantification of relative cell density allows assessment of cytotoxicity.

  • Unique combination of high specificity and high sensitivity for genotoxicity
  • Detects all mechanistic classes of genotoxin.
  • Most accurate genotoxicity screening test available
  • Simple, robust and fast protocol
  • Low test sample requirement

The 96-well microplate format takes about 20 minutes to prepare and delivers results after 48 hour incubation. A single microplate is used for the simultaneous testing of 4 compounds over 8 serial dilutions. The protocol is also readily automated using standard laboratory equipment and is also adaptable to a 384-well plate format.

BlueScreen™ HC is available as a contract testing service at the Gentronix laboratory and is also available as an assay kit for implementation of the technology at other laboratories and locations.