Apoptosis Suite

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Cytotoxicity data

The Annexin-V and caspase 3/7 endpoints are best complemented with other cytotoxicity test data. Cell counts for each test article concentration deliver a basis for normalising the Caspase 3/7 data, in addition to revealing important cytotoxicity information regarding cellular proliferation.

Vital stains can also be included to strengthen Annexin-V data by removing dead cells from the analysis and to provide a direct measure of cytotoxicity.


Used in conjunction with other assays offered by Gentronix, the Apoptosis Suite is a powerful tool in helping to determine the mechanism of genotoxicity highlighted by early screening, thereby enabling the chemist to modify candidate compounds to remove genotoxicity, whilst still keeping the desired properties.

In addition, the standalone cytotoxicity assessment, may provide data that is additive to compound discovery and development pipelines.