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An example of the results output for a single microplate run using the Ames MPF assay is shown below.

Raw absorbance data from the microplate reader are automatically processed by Gentronix’s proprietary Bacterial Mutation Test software. An example of the results output for a single test chemical assay with one bacterial test strain (±S9) is shown below. The software collates spectrophotometric data from the 3 replicate 384-well microplates for each S9 condition for a single test chemical with 1 test strain. Raw data from the microplate reader, interpreted raw data and analysed data are all recorded within the same electronic file.

The results page of the software presents tabulated numerical data from the triplicate data sets, including:

  • The mean number of positive wells scored at each dose in each condition
  • The fold increase in reversion above the baseline for the experiment
  • P-values based on the Student’s t-test

Dose-response curves are also plotted for each S9 condition tested and assay acceptability information is provided, using negative and positive controls with reference to historical control data.

The results from each batch of compounds tested in the Ames MPF assay are provided to the sponsor in a Gentronix study report, along with actual data files. The study reports provide a detailed description of the study, data collection and results interpretation and are quality checked by a Gentronix expert genetic toxicologist, independent to the study.