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First paper on use of BlueScreen HC accepted by “Journal of Biomolecular Screening”

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Chris Hughes

“Development of a high-throughput Gaussia luciferase reporter assay for the activation of the GADD45a gene by mutagens, promutagens, clastogens, and aneugens.”, C. Hughes, A. Rabinowitz, M. Tate, L. Birrell, J. Allsup, N. Billinton, R. M. Walmsley.

An e-publication (ahead of print) can be sourced from here.

The paper describes the development and validation of the BlueScreen HC assay in which expression of the GADD45a gene is linked to Gaussia luciferase with a luminescent, rather than fluorescent, reporter, thereby eliminating problems due to autofluorescence.

The conclusion of the paper is that BlueScreen HC was as effective as GreenScreen HC in producing positive results for all classes of genotoxic carcinogen, and negative results for all non-genotoxins tested.

Other papers on BlueScreen, both by Gentronix and by independent organisations, are in the pipeline and will be announced in future newsletters and on the website.

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