Industry sectors


Industry Sectors

The assessment of genetic toxicology is critical to a wide array of industries. Gentronix works with scientists in all of these sectors providing rapid accurate determination of genotoxic hazard and the follow up necessary to allow you to make better decisions faster.

The Industry Sector pages below give valuable information on the best use of our technology and services for your particular needs and will signpost you to the right assays and services for your sector. Alternatively you can access assay information directly from the Products and Services section of the website, the choice is yours.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Gentronix can speed your discovery effort using the best selection of in vitro genotoxicity screening assays.


Chemical Industry

Gentronix supports the many different branches of the chemical sector all needing reliable genotoxicity data.



Gentronix has wide experience working with Agrochemicals and understands the crop protection sector.


Fragrances and Flavours

Gentronix has worked extensively in this sector providing BlueScreen HC testing at scale.

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Personal Care Products

Gentronix provides the right in vitro assays to support your personal care testing needs.


Consumer Products

Gentronix has experience of a wide range of challenging sample types.


Biomaterials and Biomedical Devices

Gentronix is serving the biomaterials and deivce sector with the tests needed to make decisions.


Contract Research Organisations

Sub-contract to Gentronix or add our technology to your service portfolio.