About Us


About Us

Gentronix is an established biotechnology innovation and service company specialising in early screening, mechanistic follow-up and regulatory genotoxicity assays for a range of industries including; pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agrochemicals, personal care, consumer products, flavours, fragrances and taste enhancers, and medical devices.

In addition to classical genotoxicity screening assays, Gentronix offers  GreenScreen®HC and BlueScreen™HC which are novel, patented systems that, unlike earlier assays, detect all known classes of genotoxin.

Gentronix can provide assays and advice on follow-up strategies for positive results, and mechanism elucidation to help chemists modify compounds to eliminate genotoxicity early in product discovery and development thereby preventing late stage failure.

Gentronix is GLP compliant and offers regulatory assays to OECD and other test guidelines.