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Gentronix provides services and solutions to help organisations optimise the development of drugs and other chemicals, by testing for genotoxicity,  across a wide range of chemistry driven industries.

Gentronix offers classical Ames and Micronucleus genotoxicity assays plus GreenScreen®HC and BlueScreen™HC; our novel, patented systems that detect all known classes of genotoxin. Gentronix can provide assays and advice on follow-up strategies for mechanism elucidation to help chemists modify compounds to eliminate genotoxicity early in product discovery and development.

Gentronix is GLP compliant and offers regulatory assays to OECD and other test guidelines.

Latest News

EEMGS / GUM 2018

Gentronix is attending the annual EEMGS and GUM meetings in Potsdam, Germany this week (18th – 23rd March 2018). http://www.eemgs2018.eu/…